1971年 At the end of the 60s Mr. Menini, the company founder, started the production of boilers for heating and cast iron sections at his IML foundry in Legnago (VR). On August 21, 1971 the company acquired the historic foundry FAIS of San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR). A few months later, after the merger of the two companies, was officially opened Sime SpA. Since then, the group has history of technological achievements and great success. For over forty years the attitude to innovation pushes the company towards new and ambitious goals.
19世纪60年代,斯密集团创始人Menini先生在意大利维罗纳Legnago IML铸造工厂开始了锅炉制造生涯。1971年8月21日,斯密收购了维罗纳San Giovanni Lupatoto FAIS铸造厂,几个月后,两家公司合并,正式命名为意大利斯密集团股份有限公司。从此,意大利斯密在研发上不断创新,取得了一系列重大研发成果,推动着公司不断向更大更稳的宏伟目标前进!
1973年 Sime is the first company to produce a compact and efficient plate cast iron radiator. In the same year it developed a cast iron boiler with atmospheric gas burner.
1984年 Since its dawn Sime has established itself as a market leader in the manufacture of cast iron boilers and in 1984 entered the market of the wall hung boilers that was developing as a result of the strong growth in the residential construction in Italy. In that year, was born the first combined instantaneous boiler of the Murelle series for heating and domestic hot water production.
1991年 Sime introduced the electronic management in their boilers. This enables better control of the combustion process and improves safety of operation.
1996年 With the "Combustion Quality Project " Sime developed Mistral, the first ecological premix boiler with low NOx emissions.
1998年 The first wall-hung boiler with an intelligent remote control, Planet, was presented to the market. This boiler ensured well-being and energy saving, thanks to a climatic control of the flow temperature depending on the outside temperature.
2001年 The Sime test laboratory obtained accreditation as a certified laboratory, in accordance with the EU directives on gas safety and efficiency (CE testing). This was the first laboratory for a manufacturer of boilers to obtain such recognition in Italy. Sales subsidiary opened in Granada, Spain.
2002年 Sales subsidiary opened in Leeds, United Kingdom
2003年 Sime was among the first companies to launch a range of modular systems of condensing power boilers in arranged in a cascade.
2005年 Representative office opened in Beijing, China
2006年 Sime focused its attention on the environment and renewable energy, marketing solar thermal systems that integrate traditional boilers for heat production.
2008年 Sime introduced the new generation of intelligent Murelle boilers, which allow the management of different temperatures zone and solar plants. All the electronics to manage the different components of the system are located onboard and the functions are accessible from the control panel of the boiler.
2010年 In collaboration with the University of Padua , Sime presented at MCE system MEM, a system for the central intelligent management of different energy sources
2012年 Sime Set up 40th Anniversary . At the same time the new technology center is located in Pontedera, the new building using the latest green energy concept that integrates multi-MEM energy management system, the Technical Center began providing technical training and installation training to dealers in September 2013.
2014年 SIME The new upgrade "BRAVA" and "FORMAT" series gas boiler grand market, the new series equipped boiler industry leading combustion system: Gas adaptive technology. The newly designed electronic circuit control system real-time detection of combustion mode and automatically adjust the gas valve opening and fan speed, so that the gas and air to achieve optimum mixing ratio to achieve a balanced state of combustion, a substantial increase in gas combustion efficiency and reduce harmful carbon monoxide gas produce more energy saving.




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